IFCS Regional Groups

The IFCS has always stressed the benefits of regional co-operation in the implementation process of its efforts. A particular emphasis has been placed on the regional and sub-regional groups to deal with the issues of strategy development and improved co-ordination. IFCS encourages regional co-operation as an important means of building capacities and the necessary infrastructure for chemicals management.

The Forum has adopted guidance for the Regional Roles and Responsibilities for IFCS Vice Presidents (See document on the right). The Vice Presidents of the Forum have the responsibility to convene regional meetings with broad participation, including that of nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations, between IFCS meetings and, as appropriate, during IFCS meetings. A pragmatic approach in developing the recommendations on a regional basis has led to the scheduling of regional meetings before and during Forum. This site will contain announcements and reports of IFCS regional and subregional meetings and activities submitted by the Vice Presidents of the Forum.

The IFCS has adopted criteria for the designation of meetings held under the auspices of IFCS. Regional or subregional activities and meetings organized as contributions to the IFCS Priorities for Action and strategies agreed on by the IFCS will help determine the success of the Forum. Information on these meetings may also be reported on this site.

Other meetings relating to Chemical Safety may be of interest to IFCS participants. With the approval of the IFCS Vice President information on these meetings may be posted on the regional pages


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Regional Roles and Responsibilities for IFCS Vice Presidents

Designation and Criteria for Meetings held under the auspices of IFCS