IFCS Forum Standing Committee

The Forum Standing Committee (FSC) under the chairmanship of the IFCS President

  • provides advice and assistance in managing the process of preparations for Forum meetings,
  • monitors progress on the work of the IFCS,
  • assists with regional efforts, and
  • serves as a mechanism for the IFCS to effectively and efficiently initiate the process for the IFCS to respond to new developments and issues as they may arise.

Revised Terms of Reference for the FSC were adopted by Forum III (October 2000). See the FSC Composition and List of Members.

The FSC comprises 25 IFCS participants and is supported by the Executive Secretary.

The President as an independent chairperson and acts in accordance with the recommendations of the Forum as a whole.

Members of the Forum Standing Committee serve as conduits for the views of participant countries in their respective IFCS regions or respective NGO or IGO constituency. IFCS participants are encouraged to contact your representative and actively contribute to the work of the FSC.

In light of the decision of the second session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (11-15 May 2009) not to integrate IFCS into the Conference as an advisory body at this time, the FSC met to consider the future work and arrangements for IFCS. Only a session of the Forum itself can modify the IFCS terms of reference or take a decision on the future of the IFCS. The last session of the Forum, Forum VI, decided that until ICCM integrates the Forum into ICCM, the Forum and the FSC will continue to operate under their respective terms of reference. At this time there are insufficient funds remaining in the IFCS Trust Fund for the FSC to continue its work. Thus, the FSC agreed to suspend its work for the foreseeable future. The work of the FSC and IFCS may resume in the future if adequate resources are made available.

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