Alert, response, and capacity building under the International Health Regulations (IHR)

About WHO Department of Global Capacities Alert and Response (GCR)

International Health Regulations implementation

Global Outbreak Alert & Response Operations

Disease outbreaks continue to have severe consequences across the globe, affecting populations near the source of the outbreak and potentially affecting others due to population movements. In today’s interdependent and interconnected world, there is a need for robust and resilient outbreak alert and response system for effective and timely action.

WHO’s Alert and Response Operations’ (ARO) mission is to detect and track such acute public health events, sound the alarm when needed, and mount coordinated responses to minimize their consequences on populations.

  • Timely detection and verification;
  • Real-time risk assessment and information sharing for decision-making;
  • Response strategy and planning;
  • Rapid access to subject matter experts;
  • Effective data management;
  • Risk communication and social mobilisation;
  • Efficient field logistical and operational support;
  • Technical partnerships and networks to deliver expertise.