International Health Regulations (IHR)

Symposium: Securing global health in the 21st century

Date: 28 March 2011
Place: Lyon, France

Epidemic intelligence, identification of risks and opportunities for control are the themes of a symposium to be held in Lyon on 28 March, co-organized by WHO, the Institut Pasteur and the Fondation Mérieux. This symposium is organized on the occasion of the BioVision World Life Sciences Forum, a three day international forum that takes place in Lyon every two years and brings together renowned scientists and experts from the field of life sciences, offering a platform for debating the main global concerns in the world today.

The WHO/Fondation Mérieux/Institut Pasteur meeting will take place on 28 March from 9h-11h. The speakers will be Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Nobel Laureate in 2008 for Physiology or Medicine, Doctor Guénaël Rodier, Director, Division of Communicable Diseases, Health Security and Environment, WHO Regional Office for Europe and Doctor Ogobara Doumbo, Director General of the Malaria Research and Training Center of Bamako.

The debate will highlight the challenges posed by the rapid spread of diseases in today's global landscape, and underscore the timely diagnosis of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases as a critical component to stop their spread at the source and mitigate their impact on populations.