International Health Regulations (IHR)

Biosafety and laboratory biosecurity

Collaborating Centres, Biosafety Advisory Group (BAG) and other partners

Five WHO biosafety Collaborating Centres support the Global Biosafety and Laboratory biosecurity programme. They each have nominated a focal point to be a member of the WHO Biosafety Advisory Group (BAG) to support the programme. The BAG meets regularly to address outstanding biosafety and laboratory biosecurity issues, to discuss activities, projects and collaborations.

Collaborating Centres

WHO Region of the Americas

WHO European Region

WHO Western Pacific Region

Biosafety Advisory Group

  • Dr Shanna Nesby-O'Dell (CDC)
  • Dr Ingegerd Kallings (SMI)
  • Dr Michael Catton (VIDRL)
  • Dr Ken Ugwu (acting, PHAC)
  • Dr Deborah Wilson (NIH)

Other partners