Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

Public Health Emergency Operations Centre Network (EOC-NET)

Operating principles

Collaboration and innovation

EOC-NET highlight the importance of collaboration, encourages innovation, and cultivates trust. Different perspectives, diverse topics, best practices as well as lessons learned are all of great values. Members should treat one another with respect and assume good intentions. In using information shared at EOC-NET SharePoint, members should comply with confidentiality requirements as defined in Non-disclosure Agreement for information use.

Simplicity and transparency

EOC-NET minimizes unnecessary steps to get work done more easily and quickly. EOC-NET will provide timely information to all members on EOC-NET work plan, projects, activities, and upcoming events through EOC-NET SharePoint. Members are encouraged to submit information relevant to public health EOCs through EOC-NET SharePoint, and provide advice and support to EOC-NET projects and activities. EOC-NET members are encouraged to express their interests in participating in EOC-NET working groups, meetings, and other projects. EOC-NET Secretariat will provide information on possible invitations, selection process and announce the results of invitation.


Members are accountable to each other. Members are responsible for any necessary domestic process for nominating/recognizing, and/or other clearance if applicable.