Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

Public Health Emergency Operations Centre Network (EOC-NET)

Activities and events

Launch of the Public Health Emergency Operations Centres Network (EOC-NET)

The EOC-NET was launched during the EOC-NET consultation meeting 19–20 November 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting brought together 38 stakeholders from nine States Parties, seven regional and international organizations, WHO headquarters and all six WHO Regional Offices to share experiences, knowledge, challenges regarding building, maintaining, using, and collaboration of EOCs, and to proposed solutions for improvement. Meeting participants reviewed the current situation, main roles, challenges and needs of public health EOCs, agreed on the EOC-NET objectives, Terms of reference, and next steps related to key working areas identified. The meeting report in available at WHO website (Public health emergency operations centre network (EOC-NET) Consultation meeting , 19-20 November 2012, Geneva, Switzerland).

Systematic Review of Public Health Emergency Operations Centres (EOC)

WHO/GCR conducted a systematic review of public health EOCs in collaboration with Emory University in December 2013. This review examines peer-reviewed and grey literature to document current status, best practices and standards, impediments and gaps in building, maintaining, and using EOCs for effective response to public health risks and emergencies. It also informs partners in the development of guidance and standards for building, maintaining, and using public health EOCs. The systematic review report is available at WHO website A Systematic Review of Public Health Emergency Operations Centres (EOC), December 2013, WHO.