Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

Global alert and response

The IHR (2005) provide a framework for WHO alert and response activities that are implemented in collaboration with countries to control international outbreaks and other public health risks and emergencies. The IHR (2005) introduce new operational concepts, including:

  • Specific procedures for notification, consultation, and reporting of public health events
  • The establishment of permanent communication channels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, between countries and WHO
  • The possibility for WHO to take into account reports from sources other than notifications or consultations.
  • Verification requests by WHO to national health authorities regarding reports of public health events occurring within countries
  • An Emergency Committee which provides its views to the WHO Director General with regard to events that may constitute a public health emergency of international concern.
  • Cooperation of WHO with other competent intergovernmental organizations or international bodies

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