Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

Infectious Substances Shipping Training - a course for shippers

Course revised in Januray 2015

The World Health Organization contributes to the development of United Nations Model Regulations for the transport of infectious substances. These Model Regulations are the basis for international and national regulations addressing transport by air, road, rail, sea. In order to ensure that this information is available to shippers of infectious substances, WHO has developed a training course. The course is generally given in a classroom setting, and participants have an opportunity to practice package assembly and completion of shipping documentation. The course is divided into modules addressing the classification, documentation, marking, labelling, packaging of infectious substances, and the preparation of shipments requiring the use of dry ice. The transport of infectious substances is strictly regulated, and training is required. Training contributes to improving compliance with applicable regulations ensuring protection of staff, the public and the environment. Compliance with applicable requirements also significantly increases access to courier and carrier services, and subsequent timely package delivery.

Conditions for use of the training course

This is not an invitation to register for courses held by WHO. These course materials are available to trainers wishing to provide training courses for shippers of infectious substances. Requests to use the course materials should be addressed to .

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