Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

IHR News

The WHO quarterly bulletin on IHR implementation

30 September 2010, No. 12

In this issue:

What's new in IHR coordination and support

  • Third meeting of the IHR Review Committee, Geneva, Switzerland, 27-29 September 2010
  • IHR i-course: Face to face session, 12 - 23 July, Veyrier du Lac, Annecy, France
  • Biosafety Advisory Group Meeting, 7-9 September 2010, Montreux, Switzerland
  • Meetings on ports, airports and ground crossings in Lyon

What's new in risk and disease control

  • Pandemic H1N1 2009: Ninth meeting of the Emergency Committee, 10 August 2010
  • Foodborne disease outbreaks: Guidelines for investigation and control
  • Polio in north-eastern Afghanistan
  • New GAR documents


  • EMRO: All Hazard Emergency Preparedness and Laboratory Capacity Building for Biosafety and Biosecurity in Oman
  • PAHO/AMRO: Biorisk Management Advanced Trainer Programme, 28 June - 8 July 2010, Quito, Ecuador
  • SEARO: Meetings on ports, airports and ground crossings

Other NEWS

  • Collaboration with USAID on Emerging Pandemic Threats Program
  • PAGNet web site

1 The six WHO regional offices:
AFRO – Regional Office for Africa; EMRO – Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean;
EURO – Regional Office for Europe; PAHO/AMRO – Pan American Sanitary Bureau/Regional Office for the Americas; SEARO – Regional Office for South-East Asia; WPRO – Regional Office for the Western Pacific.