Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)

IHR News

The WHO quarterly bulletin on IHR implementation

22 December 2010, No. 13

In this issue

What's new in IHR coordination and support

  • External review of pandemic response: Update on the work of the Review Committee and Note from the Chairman
  • IHR i-course: Update on 1st and 2nd sessions
  • IHR authorized list of ports: December update

What's new in risk and disease control

  • Launch of the new meningitis vaccine for Africa: MenAfriVac
  • New GAR publications: Global health security, meningitis and smallpox
  • Environmental health criteria for principles and methods for the risk assessment of chemicals in food

What's new in the WHO regions1

  • AFRO: Integrated Disease Surveillance (IDSR) - Publication of revised guidelines
  • EMRO: Evaluation of training needs in epidemiology in Morocco
  • PAHO/AMRO: Cholera in Haiti
  • PAHO/AMRO: Assessment tool for core capacity requirements at designated airports, ports and ground crossings - now available in Spanish
  • SEARO/WPRO: Launch of APSED 2010

Other NEWS

  • Travel and transport: Pandemic H1N1 2009 - Lessons learned for building a safer world
  • Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions Network (TEPHINET): Global scientific conference 2010
  • IHR News Bulletin: Reader survey
  • Holiday greetings

1 The six WHO regional offices:
AFRO – Regional Office for Africa; EMRO – Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean;
EURO – Regional Office for Europe; PAHO/AMRO – Pan American Sanitary Bureau/Regional Office for the Americas; SEARO – Regional Office for South-East Asia; WPRO – Regional Office for the Western Pacific.