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Biostatistics: New CD-ROM for self learning

A new version of a self learning CD-ROM on biostatistics is now available. The main objective of this self learning programme is to understand the purpose of biostatistics through realistic cases and to acquire basic biostatistics skills that can be applied to your work.

The target audiences of this training are medical and biomedical students, laboratory specialists and other professionals who need to use or understand basic biostatistics. However, it may also be a helpful reminder to epidemiologists.

This second version of self learning programme has been co-produced by WHO and the Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP). It has been designed and developed in such a way that trainees can work independently using only the CD-ROM when no book or tutor is available. Trainees can solve the six problems with the resources provided in the CD-ROM through 142 knowledge sheets.

We would be grateful to receive users' feedback in order to improve the training module.

You can order the biostatistics CD-ROM free of charge by sending an e-mail to: