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WHO training evaluation guide


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Number of pages: 85
Publication date: 2010
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO_HSE_GIP_ITP_2011.2



Training is conducted throughout WHO, targeting internal WHO staff members and external health professionals in countries around the world, yet the follow-up to this training remains a challenge. Evaluation of the impact of training often seems second priority – of far less importance than training design and implementation. Yet donors, partners, participants, as well as the global community increasingly ask: “Was the training effective? Did it make any difference?” Training can be expensive and this investment has to be made in the right place. Evaluation not only contributes to the quality of the training project but also demonstrates the accountability of training management, the success of the programme and improved performance for the organization.

This guide, developed by WHO professionals invoved in training, provides an approach to evaluating training using Kirkpatrick’s model of four levels of evaluation. The objective of the guide is to offer an easy-to-follow guide that encourages training designers and managers to plan and conduct evaluation based on their needs. Examples of evaluation tools are provided as annexes. This guide is a work in progress. It will be reviewed – based on feedback received – after one year of utilization by the working group.

We welcome comments and suggestions to improve the evaluation of training in the coming years. Comments can be sent to: