Strengthening health security by implementing the International Health Regulations (2005)



IHR implementation - General

Available Modules

Source: WHO
Web site: Multinlingual

IHR Express Quiz
Rapid quiz to clarify common misconceptions in relation to the Regulations.

Introduction to the IHR (login required)
Online briefing course on key elements of the Revised IHR.

Briefing for WHO country offices and other WHO staff (login required)
Key elements in the revised IHR i) of particular relevance to WHO country offices, and ii) that relate to event management.

Introduction to the Decision Instrument – Annex 2 (login required)
Briefing on main concepts regarding the assessment and notification of public health events under the IHR.

Public health mapping

Using the HealthMapper for disease surveillance and public health: a training course for public health
Publication date: 2006
Source: WHO