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Progress in raising immunization coverage

WHO/H. Hasan

Progress in reducing global measles deaths

Efforts in countries to increase access to measles vaccination has reduced measles deaths worldwide by 74%, from an estimated 535 300 deaths in 2000 to 139 300 in 2010. Through increased routine immunization coverage and large-scale immunization campaigns, Sub-Saharan Africa made the most progress with an 85% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2010. Since 2001, The Measles & Rubella Initiative (formerly the Measles Initiative) of which WHO is a founding partner has supported countries to vaccinate more than 1 billion children against measles. The newest data (as of 24 April 2012) underscores that progress in reducing measles deaths was especially strong from 2001-2008.

Last updated: May 2012