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Strategies to reduce measles mortality

Global Measles & Rubella Strategic Plan 2012-2020

This Strategic Plan, jointly developed by the Measles & Rubella Strategic Plan presents a five-pronged strategy to cut global measles deaths by at least 95% by 2015 compared with 2000 levels and to achieve measles and rubella elimination in at least five WHO regions by 2020. The strategies include: high vaccination coverage; monitoring spread of disease using laboratory-backed surveillance; outbreak preparedness and response and case management; communication and community engagement; and research and development.

Reducing Measles Mortality in Emergencies

This joint WHO and UNICEF statement outlines optimal strategies to reduce measles mortality during and after emergencies. The goals are to reduce the number of measles deaths and interrupt transmission of the measles virus. Through encouraging and supporting national commitment and rapid action, and coordination with WHO and UNICEF, all vulnerable children can be protected against measles.


  • Strategic Planning for Measles Control
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    To help programme managers plan for measles control, WHO has developed a Measles Strategic Planning (MSP) tool. The tool can help you identify the best measles vaccination strategies to achieve your programme objectives, given cost considerations.

Last updated: May 2012