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Online library of literature and peer-review publications

To complement the existing information and resources available through this site, a large volume of current literature relevant to the scientific rationale behind the polio Endgame is now available.

This information is available to provide a deeper understanding of the evidence-based decision for the use of IPV as part of the polio eradication and endgame strategic plan. The library includes citations and abstracts from peer-reviewed journal articles in a variety of topics ranging from immunogenicity to safety. Full text articles are available upon request.

For example, click on the links below to obtain detailed answers to commonly asked questions. Key references are provided. If you would like to explore the topic further, you can click on the “See More References” link to be taken to a comprehensive library of technical resources related to IPV introduction.

What is the role of one dose of IPV in polio eradication and control?
What individual protection is gained from one dose of IPV?
How will IPV interrupt transmission?
How will IPV accelerate polio eradication efforts?
What is the rationale for ongoing use of OPV?
How effective is IPV in providing oral and mucosal immunity compared to OPV?

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