Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Resources for planning and IPV introduction

Successful IPV introduction relies on effective planning with measurable outcomes and processes. Key components of planning include vaccine procurement and supply, cold chain and logistics, health worker training, communications, and social mobilization.

Implementation planning

These documents are intended to assist program planners in the preparation for IPV introduction. Materials include guidance and tools on vaccine management, monitoring and evaluation, and safety and surveillance.

Planning for IPV introduction - Implementation facts

Planning for IPV introduction - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Principles and considerations for introducing a vaccine into a national immunization programme (Handbook)

Introduction of IPV in Routine Immunization – Operational Manual

Vaccine management, cold chain and logistics

Vaccine management encompasses activities related to the handling of vaccines at the country level from the moment they arrive till the moment they are used. It includes ensuring sufficient storage volume; appropriate temperature monitoring; maintaining standards of buildings, equipment and vehicles; and vaccine delivery systems.

WHO guidance on supply chain strengthening (WHO website)


The following materials are available to support the training of front-line health workers in skills needed to administer IPV and communicate with caregivers and communities about polio and IPV. Materials include resources for training sessions, guides for facilitators, key messages and frequently asked questions.

Communications and social mobilization

Strong communications and social mobilization planning are critical to support community acceptance of IPV. When done effectively, they can ensure that health workers and caregivers understand the importance and safety of IPV (and multiple injections, if the case).

Media kit

To support countries and regions in preparing the various media activities related to IPV introduction, a media kit has been developed as a reference resource. The kit contains guidance on how to write a press release and organize a press conference, as well as sample key messages and frequently asked questions that may be used for spokesperson trainings. The contents can be adapted to the local context as applicable.

Issues management guide

Countries are encouraged to prepare in advance for any unexpected situations that may arise around the introduction of IPV and future withdrawal of OPV (as for the addition of any vaccine to routine immunization programmes). This issues management guide can be used to help identify an unexpected event, evaluate its potential impact, and develop an appropriate communications strategy to minimize potential consequences. Similar to the media kit, this guide may be adapted per region or country as needed.


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