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IPV Toolbox

General information pack

The Polio Eradication Endgame - Brief on IPV introduction, OPV withdrawal and routine immunization strengthening.
March 2014.

Planning for IPV introduction - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
March 2014.

Technical briefing materials

Toolkit for planning a NITAG session
March 2014.
This toolkit provides an overview of Objective 2 and resources to facilitate evidence-based decision making by national advisory bodies, including National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) with regard to IPV introduction.)

Planning for IPV introduction - Implementation Facts March 2014.

IPV vaccine pricing update

UNICEF awarded a tender for IPV vaccines in February 2014, which makes sufficient quantities of affordable IPV available. A multi-faceted IPV financing strategy is ongoing and further reductions in the cost of IPV are being pursued for the medium-term (i.e. post 2018) through continued efforts to develop and license new products. Pricing for IPV is shown in the following table:

IPV pricing as of 28 February 2014
Ten-dose vials Five-dose vials Single-dose vials
GAVI-supported countries EUR 0.75 per dose USD 1.90 per dose USD 2.80 per dose
(approx. USD 1.00 per dose at current exchange rates)
Middle-income countries EUR 1.49-2.40
(approx. USD 2.04-3.28 at current exchange rates)

For more information on IPV pricing per type of presentation, including pricing tiers for middle-income countries, please see:

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