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Study protocol for temperature monitoring in the vaccine cold chain

This new protocol replaces the old protocol that was published in 2005 (Protocol for a cold chain survey - WHO/IVB/05.01). In this revised version of the document, WHO/IVB/05.rev1 - Study protocol for temperature monitoring in the vaccine cold chain, we refer to Tiny Talk data logger which is no longer prequalified. The document has been updated with the prequalified device alternative that is LogTag TRIX8 (WHO/PQS/06.06). In addition new video references on the shake test have been included. The protocol is designed to:

  • document the level of freezing in the cold chain;
  • identify specific problem areas where corrective actions are warranted.

In this Protocol, temperatures are monitored continuously as vaccine shipments travel through the cold chain, from primary stores, to intermediate stores, to health centres and, finally, to the outreach delivery site/s. This Protocol can be tailored to meet the individual resources of any programme: either a simple, low-cost study can be conducted - without sophisticated monitoring tools - or a more comprehensive approach can be taken to provide more details. The target audiences for the protocol are national immunization programme managers, cold chain managers, national logisticians, UNICEF, WHO and partner organizations staff.

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