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HPV Vaccine Communication: Special considerations for a unique vaccine

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Number of pages: 56
Publication date: November 2013, updated February 2016
WHO reference number: WHO/IVB/16.02 (previous version WHO/IVB/13.12)


This report presents communication guidance and specific considerations for countries that plan to introduce human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine into their national immunization programme. New vaccine introduction is a hallmark of the Decade of Vaccines, but HPV vaccine is unique for many reasons. This report aims to offer guidance in two main areas: The first is to offer advice on basic communication planning and implementation for immunization; the second is to discuss specific considerations for HPV vaccine.

What is new in the 2016 update:

  • WHO’s October 2014 changes to the recommended HPV vaccine schedule.
  • Updated facts, evidence and experience from low, middle and high-income countries that have introduced HPV vaccine.
  • An enhanced section on crisis communication.
  • Additional information about the opportunities for integration with comprehensive cervical cancer programs and adolescent health interventions and on the consent process.