Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Immunization surveillance, assessment and monitoring documents

  • Practical guide for the design, use and promotion of home-based records in immunization programmes
    10 June 2015
  • Surveillance tools for meningitis sentinel hospital surveillance: field guide to rapidly estimate the hospital catchment population (denominator) and the annual rate of hospitalisations.
    29 May 2015
  • Practices to improve coverage of the hepatitis B birth dose vaccine
    20 March 2013
  • WHO/IVB/12.08
    1 October 2012
    Measuring impact of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influnzae type b conjugate vaccination
  • WHO/IVB/12.07
    19 June 2012
    Global vaccine safety blueprint
  • WHO/IVB/11.12
    2 May 2012
    Sample design and procedures for Hepatitis B immunization surveys: A companion to the WHO cluster survey reference manual
  • WHO/IVB/11.08
    16 January 2012
    Documenting the impact of hepatitis B immunization: Best practices for conducting a serosurvey
  • WHO/IVB/2010
    19 January 2011
    WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system - 2010 global summary
  • WHO/IVB/10.14
    28 December 2010
    The global prevalence of hepatitis E virus and susceptibility: A systematic review
  • WHO/IVB/10.12
    8 December 2010
    Human papillomavirus laboratory manual. First edition, 2009
  • WHO/IVB/10.03
    3 August 2010
    New Vaccine Post-Introduction Evaluation Tool
  • WHO/IVB/10.01
    3 February 2010
    The Global Prevalence of Hepatitis A Virus Infection and Susceptibility: A Systematic Review
  • WHO/IVB/2009
    18 December 2009
    WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system - 2009 global summary
  • WHO/IVB/08.17
    8 October 2009
    Manual of Rotavirus Detection and Characterization Methods
  • WHO/IVB/09.03
    13 July 2009
    Response to measles outbreaks in measles mortality reduction settings
  • WHO/IVB/2008
    2 April 2009
    WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system - 2008 global summary
  • WHO/IVB/09.02
    2 April 2009
    Global literature reveiw of Haemophilus influenzae type b and Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive disease among children less than five years of age 1980-2005
  • WHO/IVB/08.16
    14 January 2009
    Generic protocol for monitoring impact of rotavirus vaccination on gastroenteritis disease burden and viral strains
  • WHO/IVB/2007
    22 January 2008
    WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system - 2007 global summary
  • WHO/IVB/07.06
    4 December 2007
    Global framework for immunization monitoring and surveillance
  • WHO/IVB/05.04
    9 May 2005
    The immunization Data Quality Self-Assessment Tool (DQS)
  • WHO/IVB/05.15
    1 January 2005
    Generic protocol for estimating the burden of Pertussis in young children
  • WHO/V&B/03.01
    23 January 2003
    WHO-recommended standards for surveillance of selected vaccine preventable diseases
  • WHO/V&B/03.03
    3 January 2003
    Guidelines for environmental surveillance of poliovirus circulation
  • WHO/V&B/03.19
    1 January 2003
    The immunization data quality audit (DQA) procedure
  • WHO/V&B/02.15
    4 April 2002
    Generic portocols for (i) hospital-based surveillance to estimate the burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in children and (ii) a community-based survey on utilization of health care services for gastroenteritis in children : field test version
  • WHO/V&B/02.18
    15 March 2002
    Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) meningitis in the pre-vaccine era : a global review of incidence, age distributions, and case-fatality rates
  • WHO/V&B/02.05
    26 July 2001
    Protocol for assessing neonatal tetanus mortality in the community using a combination of cluster and lot quality assurance sampling, Geneva, 15 June 2001
  • WHO/V&B/01.43
    3 May 2001
    Module on best practices for measles surveillance

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