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Are you a researcher, health professional, policy-maker, or other expert involved in the field of immunization, vaccines or biologicals ?

This online catalogue has been developed to facilitate your access to immunization-related global policy recommendations. The catalogue is a compilation of all global policies published by WHO's Immunization, Vaccine and Biologicals Department and enables content search by key words.

WHO vaccine position papers

Other IVB policy documents

  • WHO/IVB/12.10
    31 October 2012
    Assessing the Programmatic Suitability of Vaccine Candidates for WHO Prequalification
  • WHO/IVB/10.09
    8 October 2010
    WHO-UNICEF Joint Statement on Vaccine Donations
  • WHO/IVB/08.14
    16 March 2009
    Guide for standardization of economic evaluations in the field of vaccine-preventable diseases
  • WHO/V&B/02.32
    11 October 2002
    Adopting global vaccine management policies for national use
  • WHO/V&B/00.25
    23 November 2000
    Vaccine Donations: Policy statement of the partners of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.