Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Immunization safety documents

  • Correlates of vaccine-induced protection: methods and implications
    3 June 2013
  • WHO/IVB/09.01
    6 May 2009
    Post-marketing surveillance of rotavirus vaccine safety
  • WHO/IVB/07.09
    5 November 2007
    Aide-mémoire for prevention of freeze damage to vaccines
  • WHO/IVB/07.03
    26 October 2007
    WHO: working to ensure global quality, safety and standards in immunization
  • WHO/IVB/07.08
    27 September 2007
    Procedure for expedited review of imported prequalified vaccines for use in national immunization programs
  • WHO/IVB/05.23
    21 August 2006
    Guidelines on the international packaging and shipping of vaccines (Revision)
  • WHO/IVB/06.16
    1 January 2006
    Guidelines for preparation of the product summary file for vaccine prequalification
  • WHO/IVB/AM.causality
    22 August 2005
    Aide-memoire: Adverse events following immunization (AEFI): causality assessment
  • WHO/V&B/03.17
    9 May 2003
    Report on the meeting on national regulatory authority (NRA) networking for new regulatory pathways : Geneva, 27-28 November 2002
  • WHO/V&B/02.26
    1 January 2003
    "First, do no harm" : introducing auto-disable syringes and ensuring injection safety in immunization systems of developing countries
  • WHO/V&B/02.16
    1 March 2002
    Ensuring quality of vaccines at country level - a guideline for health staff
  • WHO/V&B/02.10
    13 November 2001
    Safety of mass immunization campaigns - Aide-Memoire (Fact sheet)

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