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Estimated rotavirus deaths for children under 5 years of age: 2013, 215 000

As of April 2016, the World Health Organization estimates that globally 215 000 (197 000 - 233 000) child deaths occurred during 2013 due to rotavirus infection compared to 528 000 (465 000 – 591 000) in 2000.

Ten countries accounting for almost two thirds of all deaths, 2013

National estimates of rotavirus attributable deaths among children under five years of age ranged from 47 100 (India) to fewer than 5 deaths (79 countries). Twenty-two percent of all rotavirus deaths under five years of age occurred in India. Four countries (India, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) accounted approximately half (49%) of all rota deaths under age five in 2013.

Rotavirus deaths under five years of age per 100 000 population <5 years of age, 2013

Globally these 215 000 child rotavirus deaths accounted for approximately 3.4% of all child deaths and the cause-specific mortality rate (rotavirus deaths under age five per 100 000 population under age five) was 33. National cause-specific mortality rates ranged from 241 (Angola) to less than 1 (70 countries). Four countries – Angola, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Chad had an under five rotavirus mortality rate of greater than 150.

Historical Documents on child rota deaths: