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Rotavirus Laboratory network

The Global Rotavirus (RV) Laboratory Network (GRLN) is a fundamental component of the WHO Rotavirus Surveillance system designed to conduct high quality diagnostic testing for rotavirus diarrhea and characterize the most prevalent strain genotypes in different countries and regions. As of November 2013, the network includes 107 Sentinel Hospital Laboratories, 36 National Laboratories, nine Regional Reference Laboratories (RRL), and one Global Reference Laboratory (GRL).

Substantial progress has been made in expanding the reach of the GRLN, developing standardized data collection procedures, and implementing QA procedures to improve data collection. Lessons learned and applied from the Polio and Measles and Rubella Laboratory Networks have resulted in a system of national, regional and global laboratories proficient in rotavirus diagnosis and genotyping. Efforts are underway to optimize critical laboratory procedures used at the global and regional reference laboratories to facilitate inter-laboratory data comparability and improve genotyping data quality.

Last updated: 19 February 2014