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Immunization coverage

Data Quality Self-assessment

The Data Quality Self-assessment (DQS) is a flexible toolbox of methods used to evaluate different aspects of the immunization monitoring system at district and health unit (HU) levels

It is designed by and for staff collecting and using immunization data at national, provincial or district levels. It aims to assist countries in diagnosing problems relating to data collection and providing orientation to improve district monitoring as highlighted in the Reaching Every District (RED) approach

The DQS aims to determine :

  • the accuracy of reported figures for coverage (i.e. number of immunizations) and for any other immunization system indicator
  • the quality of any component of the immunization monitoring system

The assessment includes a review of data accuracy at different levels and a self-designed questionnaire reviewing monitoring quality issues (e.g. availability of vaccination cards, use of tally sheets, directly-observed recording and reporting practices). Data are then analysed, with a view to identifying strengths and weaknesses which need to be corrected