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Immunization Week 2011

In 2011, for the first time, countries across the WHO regions of Africa, Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe and the Western Pacific are taking part in simultaneous immunization weeks. This unprecedented collaborated effort between the regions is building public and professional awareness of the value of immunization as well as saving lives.

Starting 23 April, countries unite under the umbrella of immunization week and implement activities to raise awareness, inform and engage key audiences on the value, importance and challenges regarding immunization. These activities include dissemination of information, education and communication materials; and training sessions, workshops, exhibitions, press conferences and round-table discussions with political decision-makers.

In addition, vaccination services such as tracking of unvaccinated people, implementing large-scale vaccination campaigns and using Child Health Days to deliver an integrated package of life-saving health interventions will take place. These health interventions include: providing vitamin A supplementation to boost children's immune systems; provision of deworming medicine; growth monitoring; and distribution of insecticide-treated nets to prevent malaria.


WHO's Director-General and Regional Directors speaking about the importance of the Immunization Week initiative.

  • Dr Mirta Roses
    Regional Director, WHO Regional Office for the Americas

Last updated: 30 November 2011