Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Immunization highlights: 2010

Online resources

Improved functionality of document centre

Snapshot of the online document centre database
The new database should help users find what they are looking for more quickly

The document centre of WHO's Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals Department now includes a database to facilitate searching for documents published by the Department. Searches can be done by title, language and year. Users are invited to provide feedback on individual documents or the document centre in general through this function.

Also on the site is a catalogue listing all of the Department's publications, which is generated on a daily basis and includes a short summary of all documents, document numbers, and an indication of language versions. Hard copies of documents posted in the document centre can be ordered from

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New Technet21 web site

A screenshot of the Technet21 home page
The new Technet21 web site provides a new forum for connecting with immunization professionals

A new TechNet21 (also known as the Technical Network for Strengthening Immunization Services) web site was launched in December 2010. The site aims to provide an information bridge between the tens of thousands of people working in vaccines and immunization, from health workers to policy-makers.

New additions to the web site include:

  • a bloggers platform to facilitate discussions on immunization and vaccine supply chain issues;
  • a photo library where images of immunization services and vaccine supply chain are uploaded and/or downloaded by users;
  • a depot where planning and management software applications and tools are available for download; and
  • a networking space for members to share information on solutions to common challenges

The latest news and research articles on immunization are sent to readers through RSS feeds.

IVB Newsroom ― new and improved

To facilitate retrieval of WHO's latest immunization news, the IVB newsroom underwent a facelift in 2010. New features of the site are a multimedia section — for an expanding archive of videos, photo stories and podcasts, and an events section, which houses information on launches, and advocacy and promotional events. Other sections include press materials, fact sheets, information on the contribution of immunization to the Millennium Development Goals and a news archive.

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