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Immunization highlights: 2011

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IVB Document centre: a valuable resource

Snapshot of the online document centre database
The database helps users find what they are looking for more quickly

The IVB Document Centre produces high quality information and communication products relating to advocacy and coordination of global research and development; policy framing; technical and strategic support to strengthen national capacity. Its three areas of work are: document production, dissemination and storage.

In 2011, the document centre supported the publication of 16 new documents and over 32 immunization-related articles published in scientific peer-reviewed journals and ensured wide dissemination of documents to key target audiences. In addition, the document centre has a database to facilitate searching for documents published by the Department.

Searches can be done by title, language and year. Also on the site is a catalogue listing all of the Department's publications, which is generated on a daily basis and includes a short summary of all documents, document numbers, and an indication of language versions. Hard copies of documents posted in the document centre can be ordered from

Updated immunization financing database now online

The immunization financing database is now updated with the latest comprehensive multiyear plans (cMYPs). The database contains information extracted from cMYP costing and financing tools from 62 countries. In particular, key data on costing and financing from the immunization plans have been included in the database for public access.

The database allows users to produce reports by country and by WHO region for the planning periods on the following information:

  • total costs and financing of routine immunization programmes;
  • total costs and financing of campaigns;
  • specific immunization and health system shared expenditures;
  • detailed expenditure composition by item costs and sources of financing; and
  • immunization costs indicators per capita and per child.

Country and regional reports are provided in table formats and accompanied by graphical representations.