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Immunization highlights: 2012

Online resources

IVB Document centre: a valuable resource

The IVB Document Centre produces high quality information and communication products relating to advocacy and coordination of global research and development; policy framing; technical and strategic support to strengthen national capacity. Its three areas of work are: document production, dissemination and storage.

In 2012, the document centre supported the publication of 15 new documents and over 200 immunization-related articles for publication in scientific peer-reviewed journals and ensured wide dissemination of documents to key target audiences. In addition, the document centre has a database to facilitate searching for documents published by the Department.

Searches can be done by title, language and year. Also on the site is a catalogue listing all of the Department's publications, which is generated on a daily basis and includes a short summary of all documents, document numbers, and an indication of language versions. Hard copies of documents posted in the document centre can be ordered from

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Launch of WHO e-learning course on vaccine safety basics

To help strengthen the capacity of healthcare professionals and managers in public health authorities identify and respond appropriately to issues relating to vaccine safety, WHO’ Global Vaccine Safety Initiative developed basic and advanced training courses on Vaccine Safety and Causality assessment. These courses aim to promote the understanding of the origin and nature of adverse events, the importance of pharmacovigilance as well as risk and crisis communications.

WHO developed the Global Vaccine Safety Resource Centre which offers vaccine safety training packages that were developed, administered, evaluated and revised in collaboration with an international network of experts and technical organizations. The resource centre offers learning opportunities to national public health officials, immunization programme managers, vaccination staff and members of adverse events review committees.

As part of the resource centre, the WHO E-learning course on Vaccine Safety basics is a tool providing decentralized training opportunities for national regulatory authorities, immunization staff in countries and other stakeholders working in areas relating to vaccine safety. It includes learning tools and assessments, advanced search functionality, navigation aids and a glossary. The course is available at:

New Global Vaccine Safety Initiative website up and running

The new Global Vaccine Safety Initiative website went live in October 2012. The Initiative was established to implement the Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint ― a plan to ensure the safety of vaccines used worldwide ― which was approved by SAGE in 2011. The website outlines actions that will be taken to achieve the eight objectives of the Blueprint ― on vaccine safety monitoring; evaluation of safety signals; communication; internationally harmonized tools; regulatory frameworks; global technical support; expert advice; and interaction between stakeholders. The site will be regularly updated with news about activities aimed at achieving these objectives.