Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

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  • 9 December 2005
    With an additional US $1 billion per year immunization could save ten million more lives in a decade
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  • 11 November 2005
    Safety of immunization delivery improves over last five years, but challenges remain
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  • 2 November 2005
    Measles cases and deaths fall by 60% in Africa since 1999
    Ted Turner announces $20 million commitment from UN Foundation to Measles Initiative over the next four years
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  • 4 October 2005
    Immunization maintains strong performance made in last quarter century
    Millions more could be saved with new vaccines, stronger health systems
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  • 15 June 2005
    Sixth Global Vaccine Research Forum: many new life-saving vaccines in pipeline, but challenges persist
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  • 13 June 2005
    New initiative to speed development and introduction of vaccines to protect against cervical cancer
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  • 25 May 2005
    Governments welcome new WHO/UNICEF global immunization strategy that aims to avert millions of deaths
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  • 4 March 2005
    Measles deaths worldwide drop by nearly 40% over five years
    Africa leads effort to halve deaths from a leading child killer by the end of 2005
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