Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

WHO recommendations for routine immunization

16 January 2009


Immunization is no longer limited to the classic six vaccines for children. New products, including for adolescents, adults and seniors, are available to prevent disease, disability and death. To assist countries in creating 21st century immunization schedules, WHO has produced tables summarizing its current recommendations on routine immunization. This compilation of the recommendations contained in WHO position papers on vaccines provides a list of the vaccines recommended as part of the routine schedule for children, adolescents and adults. Details on the recommended timing of routine immunization of children are also included.

Designed primarily for managers of national immunization programmes, the tables and their accompanying notes are also intended as key reference material for chairs of national advisory committees on immunization and partner organizations. They are expected to serve as a driving force for the review and improvement of schedules, in keeping with the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy, which promotes immunization of all age groups.