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Let every child have a name: The road to a world without measles

The following are artworks inspired by Sophie Blackall’s trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she met and spoke with families and health workers affected by measles in May 2012. Her journey and the resulting illustrations are organized and sponsored by the founding partners of the Measles & Rubella Initiative and are intended to raise support for measles and rubella elimination.

Ms Blackall is an acclaimed illustrator, famous for her award-winning best-selling children's books, recent work on the book "Missed Connections" and a poster seen and loved by millions on New York City's subway.

The artworks tell the story of measles elimination – from investigating a case in a village, to mounting and monitoring a national vaccination campaign. They include a case investigation, an inter-agency coordination meeting, mapping of districts, vaccine transport, health worker training, social mobilization, injection and campaign monitoring. Painted across the top of the panels is the vaccine journey: the arrival of vaccine by plane on the tarmac, to transfer to smaller cold stores and centers, and finally by hand across the hills to a remote village.

All artworks should be credited to Sophie Blackall, courtesy of the Measles & Rubella Initiative.

Let every child have a name - cover illustration