Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Data availability

The immunization financing database is currently, and will continue to be, populated with country level data generated through the GAVI Financial Sustainability Planning (FSP) process. When this country level data will be made available in the database will depend on the successful completion of the 3 steps: when countries develop an FSP; when the submitted FSP has been reviewed and accepted by the GAVI independent review committee (IRC); and when the data has been reviewed and analyzed by the immunization financing database team. Future updates of existing data in the database will be done through the GAVI Annual Progress Report (APR) mechanism and throughout the implementation phase of countries Financial Sustainability Plans.

Financial Sustainability Plan development

A Financial Sustainability Plan is requested by all countries that have been awarded GAVI and Vaccine Fund support at the mid-point in the funding. Because each country has applied and was accepted for support at different times (known as application and independent review rounds), each country is expected to submit a FSP at different times.

There are 4 rounds of FSP submissions between November 2002 and November 2005 and according to the following schedule.

Independent review of the FSP

Once countries submit a FSP to the GAVI Secretariat, these are reviewed by an Independent Review Committee (IRC). The committee makes recommendations about whether the FSP that were developed by countries are ready to move to the implementation phase, or whether they requires important revisions and a re-submission is requested.

In most cases, if a country is requested to re-submit their FSP, the data is not made available in the Immunization Financing Database (unless the reason for resubmission is unrelated to the quality of the information and data contained in the FSP). The data from all other FSP can be considered for public dissemination through the Immunization Financing Database.

The GAVI website will make available the FSP recommendations made by the IRC.

Review of the data by the database team

Once the recommendation by the IRC are made public, the Immunization Financing Database team will review and analyse the data from all the Financial Sustainability Plans that are not requested to resubmit. Once this process is complete the database team reviews to findings and make final recommendations as to what data can be made publicly available on the Immunization Financing Database website.