Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Annexes to the guidelines for preparing a Financial Sustainability Plan

Several annexes have been developed and provide additional background materials and technical resources for the development of a Financial Sustainability Plan (FSP).

Annex 1 - Immunization costing, financing and gap analysis tool and guide

This annex is designed to help prepare Sections 3 and 4 of a Financial Sustainability Plan. It includes a Microsoft Excel tool that can be used to estimate the past costs and financing of a National Immunization Programme, and to make projections of future costs, future resources requirements, future financing needs to achieve programme objectives, and analyse the corresponding financing gaps. This tool is accompanied by a comprehensive written guide that provides an overview of important concepts, methodologies and terms needed. It also provides step-by-step instruction on how to use the tool and what data requirements are needed, guidance on how to proceed and analyse the results. This tool can be used to prepare the costing and financing sections of a multi-year plan for immunization.

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Annex 2 - Financial sustainability strategy development

This annex provides suggestions for how to prepare and develop and financial sustainability strategic plan of action.

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Annex 3 - Financial sustainability indicators

This annex provides a list of suggested indicators that can be used to monitor progress toward financial sustainability.

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Annex 4 - Suggested timeline for preparation of a Financial Sustainability Plan

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This annex provides suggestions about how to plan the preparation of a Financial Sustainability Plan including proposed timelines for preparation and a list of possible information sources.