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WHO-UNICEF guidelines for developing a comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP)

cMYP Guidelines

This updated document provides guidance to countries to make national comprehensive multi-year strategic plans (cMYP) for immunization, using the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) 2011-2020 as a guiding framework. It provides a new approach to planning that can be summarized as follows:

  • Ensuring that the strategies in the plan are sufficiently comprehensive using the GVAP as a guide.
  • Better alignment of immunization and health sector strategies to strengthen ownership, solve shared problems and ensure maximum utilization of resources.
  • Planning by immunization system components rather than by disease or initiative.
  • Including costing and financing strategies for the immunization programme.
  • Ensuring active participation of relevant actors at all levels.
  • Equity in access to immunization services, and monitoring and accountability for the results have been entrenched into the document.

The document takes the reader through the process of planning with examples of each step for illustration and guidance. The seven steps for creating a comprehensive multi-year plan include: conducting situational analysis; setting national objectives and milestones; planning strategies and key activities by immunization system components; reviewing planned activities against GVAP activities; making an activity timeline and monitoring and evaluation framework; costing, financing and resource mobilization for the cMYP; then putting the cMYP into action through getting the necessary national level endorsements, developing an annual plan for the relevant year from MYP, integrating and consolidating activities for implementation. Additionally, there is guidance on summarizing the document into few pages to facilitate use for advocacy.

cMYP Costing and Financing Tool

Strategic planning for immunization requires reliable information on the costs and financing of the programme. In order to assess the financial sustainability of immunization programs, fundamental questions need to be answered, such as:

  • What amounts of resources are needed to meet the programme objectives?
  • What are the funding channels and what quantity of funds are expected over the period of the plan?
  • What amount is the funding gap and on which of the immunization programme components does the funding fall short?
  • How should activities be prioritizes based on the available funds?

For this reason, estimating the costs and financing of a national immunization programme, is a key step in the developing a comprehensive Multi-Year Plan (cMYP) for immunization.

To help undertake the costing and financing aspects of cMYP development, an excel-based tool has been developed - the cMYP Costing and Financing Tool – which allows the user to easily estimate the costs and financing of immunization for previous years, and in addition aids the processes of formulating projections of future resource requirements, aggregating expected future financing, and analysing the corresponding financing gaps.

cMYP costing tool

cMYP Costing Tool

The first version of the cMYP Costing and Financing Tool was launched in December of 2005. Since then several updated versions have been developed. The current version is multi-lingual (English, French and Spanish) and includes features suggested over the years by users.

Introduction to the cMYP Costing and Financing Tool

Narrated overview presentation to become familiar with the tool

cMYP Costing and Financing Tool User Guide

The cMYP Costing and Financing Tool (the cMYP Tool) is accompanied by a comprehensive User Guide, which provides an overview of important concepts, methodologies and definitions. It also provides step-by-step instruction on how to use the cMYP Tool, how to produce output information for analysis, as well as providing guidance on sources of information, and interpretation of findings.

While the cMYP Tool and User Guide are principally targeted at national immunization programme managers developing comprehensive multi-year plans, the documents can also be used by researchers, consultants, international donors and other health planners in developing countries.

Tool warning: password protection

In order to protect the cMYP costing and financing tool from any damages the worksheets have been password protected.
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