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Vitamin A

Key documents

Distribution of vitamin A during national immunization days

A generic addendum to the Field guide for supplementary activities aimed at achieving polio eradication, 1996 revision. Geneva, 1998 (unpublished document WHO/EPI/GEN/98.06)

Using national immunization days to deliver vitamin A

Expanded Programme on Immunization, World Health Organization. Using National Immunization Days to deliver vitamin A. EPI Update 33, November 1998.


Integrating vitamin A with immunization. An information and training package

This CD-ROM contains the essential information for the administration of vitamin A supplements within routine immunization, National Immunization Days, and treatment of sick children. The CD-ROM is available in English or French.

Copies of the CD-ROM can be requested from

Measles CD-ROM: “The child, measles and the eye”—”Treating measles in children”

This CD-ROM contains the revised and updated documents titled “The child, measles and the eye” and ”Treating measles in children”. Both documents include complete recommended immunization schedules and new information on vitamin A. The CD-ROM is available in English and French.

Copies of the CD-ROM can be requested from or can be downloaded below.

Measles CD-ROM - Documents in English
Measles CD-ROM - Documents in French

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