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About the V3P web platform

The V3P website is a comprehensive source of information on vaccine product, price and procurement related issues. It includes a price database that collects data on vaccine prices and key procurement and local system factors that affect reported prices. Besides serving as a repository of V3P specific documentation, the website provides a resource gateway to other vaccine and immunization related sources by including hyperlinks to pertinent websites and documents. It is made up of three parts:

1: Price database

The V3P price database was developed using a similar platform as the WHO Global Price Reporting Mechanism for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The V3P price database collects, collates, validates, and disseminates price and procurement information provided by countries and procurement partners. With this information, users are able to search, compare and analyze prices of WHO prequalified vaccines between countries and procurement systems.

2: Information repository

The information repository includes relevant analyses of data from the price database as well as information developed by the V3P project for use by country-level decision-makers, procurement officers, and EPI managers.

  • Specific documentation and guidance for the interpretation of V3P database information
  • Country Profiles for each country providing data to the V3P database
  • Vaccine Price trends and analyses
  • MIC strategy, policy and action plan documents
  • Presentations, publications and media on V3P

3: Resource gateway

The resource gateway provides links to relevant WHO and partner websites, such as CDC, PAHO, PATH, UNICEF, SIVAC, SIF, Provac, and Technet that contain information about vaccine product characteristics, as well as price and procurement.

Benefits to users

The V3P platform is designed to meet the needs of decision makers, procurement officers, and managers of immunization programmes, and those providing advice, data and evidence for informed decisions on sustainable vaccine implementation in MICs. Specifically, V3P helps these audiences:

  • Increase vaccine market knowledge
  • Plan future vaccine investment
  • Identify opportunities for improvements of procurement systems
  • Conduct cost-benefit and cost-utility analyses
  • Advocate for resource mobilization
  • Plan and budget immunization programmed in both the short- and long-term
  • Benefit from and contributing to global and regional initiatives

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Last update: January 2015