Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

V3P project updates

Through the four work streams of Objective One, the V3P project gathered a significant amount of information which was used to develop viable options and scenarios for the V3P mechanism platform. Guided by the V3P Steering Committee, theV3P project undertook an evaluation of potential partners who could contribute to the development and implementation of a V3P mechanism, and assessed which organizations or entities could be most appropriate for hosting a V3P database of country information.

The evaluation reached the conclusion that a mechanism hosted at WHO would be the most favorable of the options explored. Pooling information from existing resources and building on a team of experts in vaccines and immunization, a V3P mechanism hosted within WHO could draw from significant benefits. This option was found to be agreeable by all members of the Steering Committee who provided their official endorsement to WHO/EPI taking the lead in the V3P Project from Phase Two onwards.

Based on their individual strengths and interests, all the other organizations and entities reviewed (CHAI, GAVI, HAI, MSF, MSH, PAHO, PATH and UNICEF) signaled their broad willingness to provide support to other parts of the V3P mechanism. The exact and practical nature of such support is under discussion and will be further developed with the partners in Phase Two of the project.

Next steps

With Phase One of the V3P project concluded, the V3P project is currently conducting the test phase of the country information database (Module 1). In addition to further consultations with stakeholders, the V3P project is working with pilot countries, PAHO and UNICEF to further develop the V3P platform, taking into account test user feedback.

Furthermore, the V3P project is in the process of finalizing the three modules of the V3P mechanism to prepare for its full roll-out.