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Vaccine price information

Vaccine price data is critical for budgeting, forecasting and planning purposes. Cost effectiveness and cost benefit analyses will not produce useful information if actual prices are significantly different from any benchmarks or model prices. Accurate price information is also used to project both the immediate and future impact of funding investment decisions around new vaccine implementation.

There are a number of factors that can influence vaccine prices, including but not limited to presentation size, formulation, level of competition, product maturity, individual and specific contract terms, capacity to pay of the purchaser, and the volume procured. Self-procuring countries may also realize different prices for vaccines depending on pricing policies enacted by individual manufacturers. This chapter provides links to price sources, reports and partners' websites for more information on vaccine prices.

For more information on factors influencing prices, myths & facts about vaccine prices, as well as the latest analyses and trends on vaccine pricing, please visit the V3P information repository pages.

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Last updated : July 2017