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WHO, PAHO and World Bank vaccine procurement information

WHO vaccine procurement information

PAHO vaccine procurement information

  • PAHO RF pooled procurement mechanism
    PAHO’s Revolving Fund (RF) is a cooperation mechanism for the pooled procurement of vaccines, syringes, and related supplies for participating Member States in Latin America and the Caribbean. Look for a link on the right-hand side for frequently asked questions about PAHO RF.

World Bank vaccine procurement information

Countries using World Bank funds to procure vaccines and related products need to follow specific procurement procedures.

  • World Bank memorandum for the procurement of vaccines
    This memorandum provides a detailed overview of the responsibilities involved in vaccine procurement.
  • Standard bidding documents
    The World Bank’s Standard Bidding Document for mandatory use in the procurement of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and condoms through international competitive bidding for World Bank financed projects (2004 and 2008 versions) can be downloaded from this website. Countries procuring vaccines with World Bank funds should refer to their agreements and consult updated information on proper procedures with the World Bank.

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Last updated : June 2017