Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) Initiative

Setting a standard for the vaccine supply chain

With the rising cost of vaccines and the greater storage capacity now required at every level of the cold chain, countries must maintain lower stock levels, reduce wastage, accurately forecast vaccine requirements, and prevent equipment break-downs. This requires a consistently high standard of supply chain management, which can only be achieved if all the links in the supply chain comply with current standards for storage and distribution.

The Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) initiative provides materials and tools needed to monitor and assess vaccine supply chains and help countries to improve their supply chain performance. Follow the links in the right-hand menu to access EVM-related documents, and follow the links below to access the EVM e-learning website and the EVM assessment website (restricted access).

  • EVM e-learning website
    This link takes you directly to the EVM e-learning website where you can follow the online EVM training course. It is highly recommended that you complete the training BEFORE you start using the EVM tools.
  • EVM assessment site
    Click on this link to register for, or gain access to, the restricted EVM assessment website.