Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

An online immunization registry in Albania

Benefits to the country and region

WHO/Olivier Ronveaux
We're working with the government of Albania on a mobile-technology based system to track immunization data and vaccine supplies.

We anticipate that this project will provide several benefits to Albania and neighboring countries, including:

  • An appointment system that will track scheduled vaccinations and make sure that children are not falling behind on their schedule.
  • Stronger engagement with parents and the broader public through reminder messages and access to vaccination certificates.
  • Vaccine supply chain workers who are able to more accurately forecast demand.
  • Vaccine lots that are tracked to the administration of each vaccine dose.
  • Policymakers who are more empowered to establish vaccination strategies and design supply chains that are tailored to the specific needs of different parts of the country.

Mobile technology supports immunization programs in Albania

  1. A changing landscape
  2. Benefits to the country and region