Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

An integrated supply chain in Senegal

Benefits to the country and region

We anticipate this approach will provide several benefits to Senegal and the surrounding region, including:

WHO/Michel Zaffran
The moving warehouse would be composed of delivery teams that would visit each health facility, check stock levels, and replenish as needed.
  • A single, integrated health supply chain that is information driven, distribution based, and streamlined to manage all public-sector vaccines, drugs, and other health products from the central to peripheral levels.
  • A cold chain that uses extensive solar energy, improving its quality and environmental impact while reducing fossil fuel dependency.
  • A better understanding of policies and processes critical for scaling up demonstrated technologies, systems, and practices to make the supply system in Senegal more robust and agile in the future to accommodate new vaccine introduction.
  • Lessons learned that can guide the development of a new vision of health service support systems in Senegal and throughout the African region.

As we draw on Senegal’s past immunization program successes, this project will help the country continue to provide lifesaving vaccines and the benefits of innovative supply chain management technologies, systems, and practices to its population for the next several years.