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Innovative health supply chain solutions in Tunisia

Benefits to the country and region

The supply chain system solutions being explored by the Ministry of Health with the support of Optimize will be tested in two demonstration areas of Tunisia: Kasserine and Sousse. We expect that the proposed model will prepare the country for introducing larger-volume, higher-cost vaccines and pharmaceuticals and provide evidence beyond Tunisia for other countries wishing to strengthen their systems. The ultimate vision is that a single streamlined and integrated health supply chain in Tunisia with a modernized health information system will bring efficiencies in procurement, supply, storage, distribution, stock management, and quality of services at lower overall costs to the system. In addition, the lower segment of the supply chain would use renewable energy sources for health products that require cold chain delivery and storage. In other words, all the energy requirements for regional and district stores and the transportation of health products to health centers would be offset by the free energy supplied by the sun.

We're researching an integrated supply chain for vaccines and other products.

Innovative health supply chain solutions in Tunisia

  1. Setting the stage
  2. Benefits to the country and region