Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Vaccine management and logistics support

Vaccine management

Vaccine management includes both managerial and operational functions. These critical functions must be undertaken by a skilled, competent and motivated team to ensure adequate availability of high-quality vaccines for immunization service delivery.

The managerial functions of vaccine management include:

  • Identifying and estimating needs for vaccines and immunization-related equipment in accordance with programme plans and projections;
  • Coordination, preparation and ordering vaccines and injection equipment in a timely fashion;
  • Overseeing systems for optimal use and maintenance of major cold chain equipment and transportation;
  • Establishing standard operating guidelines for the clearance and receipt of vaccines and immunization-related equipment, including completion of Vaccine Arrival Reports;
  • Receiving vaccines and handling of stocks; Clearing vouchers and relevant documentation required for the requisition and distribution of vaccines and immunization-related equipment to lower levels to ensure that adequate quantities have been delivered and can be referenced;
  • Providing technical support to provincial and district level managers;
  • Report-writing and record-keeping of archived documents.

The operational functions of vaccine management include:

  • Carrying out deliveries in consultation with the management;
  • Sorting of vaccines and immunization-related equipment as appropriate;
  • Updating stock records (individual stock sheets per batch);
  • Monitoring storage temperatures and other conditions as appropriate;
  • Conducting first-level maintenance of cold chain equipment;
  • Informing management of any apparent problems.

Vaccine Management Handbook

The Vaccine Management Handbook, a component of the Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) Initiative, has been written for decision-makers at national and subnational levels; its purpose is to provide technical advice on key topics related to immunization logistics to help countries develop and refine national policies.