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The WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research - Call for nominations


The World Health Organization (WHO) Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) is soliciting proposals for nomination of experts for its specialized Advisory Committees. Nominators can have affiliation with private or public companies and/or institutions, but only nominees from public institutions can be considered.

IVR Advisory Committees provide advice to WHO on activities related to the development of new vaccines and vaccination strategies. The specific responsibilities of these groups are to:

  • advise the IVR Secretariat on issues related to vaccine research and development;
  • advise on the IVR workplan and to identify opportunities for new, neglected or redundant lines of research;
  • review projects proposed to IVR and monitor technical and scientific progress of the research activities;
  • make recommendations on scientists and institutions suitable to formulate and carry out specific research and development projects or other studies for IVR; and
  • assist in the establishment of expert working groups or study groups required to address issues relevant to all aspects of vaccine development.

An open call for nominations of Advisory Committee members is made by IVR when vacancies become available. Members are selected in their personal capacities for their scientific and technical knowledge and experience, as well as their commitment and willingness to volunteer the necessary time and effort. Committees should have broad geographical representation and balance of gender.

The IVR Advisory Committees consist of no more than 15 members (except for the HIV Vaccine Advisory Committee which has up to 20 members), appointed by the Director, IVB. As a rule, members are appointed initially for one year, renewable for a maximum of two consecutive two-year terms. However, a member missing two meetings will be regarded as a resignation on the Advisory Committee. The Chair of each Committee is appointed by the Director, IVB.

Members are asked to disclose any conflict of interest or involvement – financial, professional or otherwise – in relation to activities carried out by the Committee, in particular in relation to projects or proposals under consideration for funding.

Members are expected to attend the Advisory Committees meetings, which are normally held annually, make available their advice in the interim, and may occasionally be asked to participate in other meetings, as well as site visits. When travelling for WHO activities, the costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence are covered by WHO according to its standard procedures. Members will normally be notified at least three months in advance of meetings. The IVR Secretariat participates in all meetings. All documents provided to the Committees and any other information disclosed must be treated as confidential and members and observers must agree to sign a confidentiality agreement. Meetings will take place in English without interpretation. English fluency is therefore expected.

All recommendations from the Committees are advisory to the Director, IVB, who retains responsibility for subsequent decisions or actions by IVR regarding any proposals, policy issues or other matters considered by the Advisory Committees.

Interested parties are invited to submit their nomination to WHO using the nomination form in Annex 2, along with a letter of support and curriculum vitae. The nomination of developing country experts and of women are particularly encouraged.

WHO reserves the right to decide freely on the selection of experts who will be invited as members of IVR Advisory Committees, in WHO’s sole discretion, and without having to provide any justification to experts who will not be so invited. WHO will advise only those who have be selected, and the selection process will not be subject to any claims or appeal.