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HIV vaccine advisory committee

Terms of reference

The HIV Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) provides advice to WHO and UNAIDS to facilitate the development, evaluation and future access to HIV vaccines for world-wide use, with a focus on developing countries.

The specific responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • To advise the Secretariat of the Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) on issues concerning HIV vaccine research and development.
  • To advise IVR on its work plan and to identify opportunities for new or neglected lines of research.
  • To review the public health relevance, scientific, technical and ethical quality and budgets of research proposals, clinical trial protocols and other vaccine-related projects proposed to IVR for support or submitted for expert advice, and monitor technical and scientific progress of research activities - please refer to Annex A for review procedures. The VAC will review projects:
    • which are submitted to IVR for a formal review or for independent technical and ethical advice by national authorities or by pharmaceutical companies. Under most circumstances, the VAC will not review proposals for research that have already been initiated. Projects in which investigators are contemplating amendments or revisions to the original proposals are reviewed;
    • which are seeking IVR collaboration with scientific institutions and/or the pharmaceutical industry, to promote the development and evaluation of candidate vaccines appropriate for developing countries.
  • To provide technical or ethical advice on coordination of the African AIDS Vaccine Programme (AAVP) activities with the international efforts.
  • To make recommendations on scientists and institutions suitable to formulate and carry out specific research and development projects or other studies for IVR.
  • To assist in the establishment of subcommittees, expert working groups or study groups required to address issues relevant to specific aspects of HIV vaccine development.

HIV VAC composition as of 2012

  • Alash'le Abimiku, University of Maryland, USA
  • Robert Chen, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  • Jose Esparza, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , USA
  • Alan Fix, National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, USA
  • Glenda Gray, University of eth Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Catherine Hankins, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom
  • Edward Karamov, National Center of Immunology, Russian Federation
  • Nelson Michael, Walter reed Army Institute of Research, USA
  • Giuseppe Pantaleo, Swiss Institute for Vaccine Research, Switzerland
  • Punnee Pitisuttithum, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Yiming Shao, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China
  • Robin Shattock (Chair), Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  • Lewis Schraeger, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Control, USA
  • Mitchell Warren, AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Network, USA
  • Douglas Wassenaar, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Ex officio (non-voting)

  • Agence Nationale de Recherché sur le Sida et les Hépatites virales (ANRS), France
  • European-Developing Country Clinical Trials Programme (EDCTP), The Netherlands
  • Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, USA
  • International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, USA

WHO Secretariat

  • Dr Uli Fruth, Initiative for Vaccine Research