Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Immunization and vaccines related implementation research advisory committee (IVIR-AC)


The IVIR-AC comprises of 15 members, who shall serve in their personal capacity and represent a broad range of disciplines, encompassing many aspects of immunization and vaccines.

IVIR-AC members are recruited and selected as acknowledged experts from around the world in the fields of infectious diseases, public health and epidemiology, health economics, statistics, mathematical modeling, health systems, demography, vaccines and immunization.

Committee members are appointed by Director, IVB following an open call for nominations made on the IVB website. The call specifies the particular expertise sought which can either be practice nominated or self-applied. Members are selected in their personal capacities for their scientific and technical knowledge and experience, as well as for their commitment and willingness to volunteer the necessary time and effort.

Members will act as individual experts and not as representatives of their respective organizations or employers. Membership will strive to attain a broad geographic representation and gender balance to the extent possible without compromising on the expertise and competencies required.

The membership of IVIR-AC seeks to reflect a representation of the following:

  • Areas of expertise: infectious diseases, public health and epidemiology, health economics, statistics, mathematical modeling, health systems, demography, vaccines and immunization.
  • Professional affiliation: academics, medical professionals, governmental or non governmental organizations, public health specialists, clinical practitioners.
  • Geographic representation and gender balance: all efforts will be made to ensure equitable geographic and gender balance.

The Chair of IVIR-AC will be appointed by Director, IVB. Following the inauguration of the committee, eligibility for the post of chair will be dependent on having previously served on IVIR-AC for a period of no less than one year. The person appointed as Chair should have a broad knowledge of the full scope of the areas of work that concern IVIR-AC, and have proven meeting management and chairing skills.

In addition to fulfilling the regular duties of a committee member, the Chair will be expected to:

  • Chair all IVIR-AC meetings;
  • The Chair, together with the WHO focal point, will plan the modalities of each agenda item for discussion prior to each meeting and coordinate the final recommendation session in each meeting;
  • Interact with the WHO Secretariat regularly with regard to the setting of the IVIR-AC meeting agendas;
  • Represent IVIR-AC at the six-monthly SAGE meeting and provide regular updates to SAGE on the issues dealt with by IVIR-AC. The Chair may also be required to attend other WHO meetings as appropriate.

All IVIR-AC members shall be appointed to serve initially for a one-year term, renewable annually to a maximum of five years. During the inaugural nomination process, the length of service of members will be staggered, thereby assuring that not all group members rotate out simultaneously. Prior to being appointed to the IVIR-AC or to the renewal of a term, nominees and members will be required to complete a WHO declaration of interest form and a confidentiality agreement. All background documents, papers, presentations and reports presented to IVIR-AC shall be treated as confidential and may not be publicly disclosed or used by members without prior approval.

As a WHO advisory committee, neither IVIR-AC as a whole, nor individual members can speak or act on behalf of WHO, or attend meetings on behalf of WHO without prior consent of the secretariat. Members of IVIR-AC, including the chair, may not share any information or present on the topics related to IVIR-AC unless it has been approved by Director, IVB. Correspondence with outside parties on IVIR-AC issues should be copied to the WHO Secretariat in all cases.

IVIR-AC members may be approached outside of meetings for their views, comments and statements on particular matters of public health concern and asked to state their views, as a member of IVIR-AC, or speak to the views of the committee. Members shall refrain from commenting and refer such enquiries to WHO.

Termination of membership

Membership in IVIR-AC may be terminated at the discretion of the Director, IVB for any one of the following reasons:

  • Failure to attend two consecutive IVIR-AC meetings;
  • Change in affiliation, resulting in a conflict of interest; or
  • Lack of professionalism, such as a breach of confidentiality, misrepresentation of IVIR AC or WHO/IVB.